George Rohac

Manager, Researcher, and Strategic Advisor at Large

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I help creative individuals and small teams with projects, business strategy, crowdfunding initiatives, and overall brand management. My goal is to provide guidance so people are able to attain a work life and personal satisfaction balance, without feeling like they're doing it wrong. In 2016 Kickstarter declared me an official Kickstarter Expert. I have worked on over 60 successful crowdfunding projects from inception through fulfillment. 

What Am I Doing Now?

I'm the founder of Organized Havoc, a public benefit corporation to help creators manage their creative careers (Including the teams behind Check, Please!, Atomic Robo, Johnny Wander, Not Drunk Enough, Saint for Rent, and Jenn  which includes their day to day operations, scheduling, merchandising, convention planning, and partnership opportunities.

I also talk at conferences and events about connecting with communities, crowdfunding, and working smarter not just harder. I started running a semi-monthly newsletter you can signup for here.  

If you'd like to work with, write with, talk to, or have me speak at an event feel free to reach out.

What Have I Done?

Some Jobs and Special Projects I've Worked On -


I ran Breadpig Inc from 2014-2016, after coming on board in 2013, as CEO and Master of Strategy. A Sidekick-for-Hire and Newman's Own for Geeks I managed projects, employees, freelancers, and a wide range of projects along with the legacy publishing business,

What Pumpkin

From 2012 through the start of 2014 I was the Director of Business Development over at What Pumpkin. During my time there I worked with the team on developing new business, licensing, strategic partnerships, and planning the Homestuck Game Kickstarter,

Oni Press

Starting in 2010 and through 2013 I was the Director of Operations and then Director of Business Development at Oni Press, Inc. There I handled the scheduling, print buying, costing, inter-departmental communication, along with product development and partner outreach. 

Benign Kingdom

I managed the founding of Benign Kingdom and implemented the first three campaigns run by the company along with costing all merchandise and print buying for all titles. I also personally shipped the first season of titles with co-founder KC Green.  

Namco High

Co-Producer of the title. Oversaw coordination between teams in Japan and the US, licensor approval, development, and launch of final product. 


Staff Member for both ROFLcon II and ROFLcon 3. Ran guest relations for comic guests and assisted with general operations.

Talks and Writings

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This is an abridged list of talks and panels I've participated in. If you'd like me to speak at your event, company, or your college please contact me!

Kickstarter Secrets Revealed - SDCC (San Diego Comic Con International) 2016
w/ Jamie Tanner (Kickstarter), Kel McDonald (Sorcery 101), and Hope Nicholson (The Secret Lives of Geek Girls). 

Self-Publishing - Flamecon 2016
w/ Aimee Fleck (Bad Influence Press), Cecilia Tan (Circlet Press), and Tea Fougner (King Features). 

What Is Money? - TCAF World Balloon Academy 2016
w/ David Brothers (Image Comics), Spike Trotman (Iron Circus), Benjamin Woo (Carleton University). 

Managing a Creative Career - TCAF 2016
Workshop split into 25 minutes of foundational tips followed by 25 minutes of hands on working through the attendee's questions and concerns for their own projects. 

Crowdfunding: A General Intro - FCNB (Fullsail Crowd Funding) 2015
An Introduction to crowdfunding, community management, and the basics of what is possible though crowdfunding. 

Kickstarting Basics - Kickstarter x NEW INC 2015

Kickstarter 201: Comics Rewards & Fulfillment - Kickstarter Comics Month
w/ Craig Engler, Heather Antos (Unlawful Good), and Amy Chu (Girls Night Out).

Creativity as Business -  TCAF Word Balloon Academy 2015
Talk providing ground rules for producing merchandise, activating a community, and knowing when to walk away.

Art as Profession: Creating, Promoting, and Making Money in Comics -
MOCCA Fest 2013 
w/ Judy Hansen (Hansen Literary), Micah Spivak (Scott Eder Gallery), Boulet (Gilles Roussel), and Heidi MacDonald (The Beat). 

Copyright and the Economy of Webcomics - Master's Thesis for the John W. Draper Interdisciplinary Program in the Humanities and Social Thought. 2010
Thesis and Data Set Available under a cc by-sa license.  

I Have Also Been Featured On/Written About In: 

The Webcomics Confidental Podcast, The Geeksverse, CBR, The International Business Times, Bleeding Cool,  FLEEN, kickstarter, The Beat,  CTV News. The Chronicle Herald

Some Previous Campaigns

Check, Please V2

Backers - 5,088 
Raised - 398,520$
2016 on Kickstarter

Johnny Wander

Backers - 1,108
Raised - 87,204$
2016 on Kickstarter

Atomic Robo

Backers - 1,325
Raised - 184,827$
2015 on Kickstarter

Not Drunk Enough

Backers - 693
Raised - 36,043$
2016 on Kickstarter

Con Man

Backers - 46,992
Raised - 3,156,178$
2015 on Indiegogo

Homestuck Game

Backers - 24,346
Raised - 2,485,506$
2012 on Kickstarter